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Staying Quarantine Lean: The Quest for Dumbbells

Matthew and I are both regulars at our favorite gym, Regymen Fitness. When the pandemic hit, the gym closed, and we found ourselves in quarantine, we made a commitment to stay active.

HUGE shout-out to Regymen owner, Leah Seacrest, and the rest of her fabulous team for providing us tailored virtual at-home workouts for every single day of quarantine. They have kept us moving and motivated!

There was only one problem: Matt and I only had one set of dumbbells and… well… there are two of us!

We quickly improvised and started using laundry detergent- YES, laundry detergent- for a second set of weights.

After a few weeks, we set out in search of a second set of dumbbells. Little did we know, the rest of the fitness world was way ahead of us. 1) Walmart- Wiped out. The entire exercise aisle looked like an apocalypse had hit. 2) Target- Not a dumbbell in sight. 3) Academy- Giant EMPTY racks. 4) Sold OUT. 5) At last, someone with 10lb dumbbells! And they’re all yours for only $192.34! What in the world!? Pre-pandemic prices averaged about $1 per pound!

Laundry detergent in hand, we tuned in for our next virtual workout with coach Leah.

“Matt- you guys aren’t using that laundry detergent are you?! Those better not be getting lighter every time I see you!”

Busted! Coach Leah runs a tight ship. That’s why we love her! Exasperated, I turned to Facebook for help. Within minutes, a friend shared a hidden holy grail she’d stumbled upon:

DOLLAR GENERAL had dumbbells!!! Who would have thought?!

I dropped everything and drove to the Dollar General by the office. Dumbbells AND kettle bells! I proudly bought one set of each. The kids had fun testing out our new toys that night, and our next workout was much improved with the right equipment! As an adult, I have learned how important it is ask for help. Sometimes, an adult child with a developmental disability may need help making decisions related to daily living. Florida has a special guardianship process called Guardian Advocacy for adults with special needs. Call today to set up a consultation to learn more: (850) 741-2999.

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