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Reagan's Guest Blog: My Stepmom's Chocolate Bunny Obsession!

This week, my eight-year-old stepdaughter, Reagan, decided she wanted to showcase her superb story-writing skills with her first-ever blog post. You're in for a real treat as Reagan spills the truth about my secret chocolate bunny obsession!

Ok. Have you heard of a chocolate addiction? Well, you might have. But you do not know how bad my stepmom is!

So, my stepmom once wanted a chocolate bunny. My dad decided to surprise her with a chocolate bunny. When he got to the store, an employee had two trays of 36 chocolate bunnies. My stepmom REALLY likes chocolate bunnies, so guess what my dad did?

He bought all 72 chocolate bunnies!

My dad took the chocolate bunnies to his work. We don't keep them at the house because, you know how it goes . . .

My stepmom will see them in the pantry and she will eat them ALL!

Friday night, my stepmom decided she wanted a chocolate bunny. My dad didn't know that until he got home from work so he didn't bring any bunnies home.

That night we had to go to my twin sisters' volleyball game. Then we went to get pizza with my aunt, my dad, my stepmom, and me.

After that, we went to find a chocolate bunny.

We called it "The Bunny Run!"

So, first we went to CVS. We didn't find the right kind.

Then we went to Walgreens. That's when we started running around the store because we needed to find the chocolate bunnies.

We looked all over and then we found Peter Rabbit bunnies. We got to the checkout with 2 Peter Rabbit bunnies. Then, my stepmom added them up and it was $9. But we remembered we saw a Grand Bunny that was $9.

The Grand Bunny was the biggest chocolate bunny I've ever seen.

We had to get it! We got the Grand Bunny and headed home.

I went to bed that night and when I woke up in the morning, the Grand Bunny was decapitated!

If my stepmom ever comes to your house, you better hide your chocolate bunnies and GOOD LUCK!

Signing off!

- Reagan

So there you have it! I have a weakness for Palmer chocolate bunnies that makes it quite the challenge to keep the weight off before bathing suit season starts! And I have a husband that really did buy SEVENTY-TWO chocolate Easter bunnies for me! Goodness gracious! A blessing or a curse?

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