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Our Three Failed Honeymoons.

I am a small-town Pensacola native. I’ve never been out of the country- not even for a cruise! I’ve dreamed of traveling to Europe ever since I was captivated by textbook photos of the artwork in a college humanities class.

Fun fact # 1: I AM a planner. Fun fact #2: I am NOT a trip planner! Planning trips is overwhelming for me because there is so much uncertainty about somewhere I’ve never been that I don’t even know where to start. So, when Matt and I started planning our wedding, we made a deal: I would plan the wedding. Matt would plan the honeymoon. My only two guidelines: I wanted to see the Sistine Chapel and the David. Honeymoon #1: Italy Matt did a fantastic job of putting together our dream honeymoon. We were set to depart the morning after our wedding for travel to Venice, Florence, and Rome. It was going to be a real dream come true! As luck would have it, Italy turned out to be an epicenter of the COVID-19 crisis. That meant Italy was out and travel vouchers for a raincheck were in! Honeymoon #2: Asheville, North Carolina When it was clear international travel had to wait, we chose Asheville, North Carolina for a "mini moon." Neither of us have ever been. Still naïve and in denial, Matt and I mistakenly believed the ability to drive would insulate us from having to cancel the trip due to airline restrictions. We booked a darling boutique hotel in downtown Asheville for the first few nights, where we planned to visit the Biltmore and all the best restaurants. For the second part of the trip, we reserved the coolest treehouse and made reservations to go hiking with llamas—Yes! Hiking with llamas! An animal lover that also loves to hike, I was so excited to combine both passions that I bought Matt and I matching “Llama Get Married” shirts. What can I say? Matt is a good sport! Not long after the virus swept through Italy, it headed to the States. With restaurant closures and safety restrictions all across the country, we decided to cancel Honeymoon #2. Womp womp. Honeymoon #3: Blue Ridge, Georgia Determined to have a honeymoon experience, our last attempt was to book a beautiful cabin just outside of Blue Ridge, Georgia. With a full kitchen, games, smart tvs, and a hot tub on the balcony overlooking the mountains, this place had everything we needed to be #saferathome… in the woods. In the end, we decided it was best to heed the travel restrictions and pleas to stay home by state and local officials. As much as we thought we had the situation under control, we admitted our leaders knew what was best for us and accepted the guidance. We canceled Honeymoon #3. Sometimes we all need a little extra guidance in life. If your loved one was born with a disability that requires guidance for daily activities, he or she may benefit from a Guardian Advocate. A court can appoint a Guardian Advocate to ensure a parent or guardian continues to have the legal authority to help with medical, educational, financial, and living decisions even after a person with special needs reaches adulthood. Feel free to call my office today to set up a free consultation to learn more.

(850) 427-2228. P.S. In the end, Matt and I decided to bring Italy to us for our #honeymoonathome. We picked up a delicious meal from Carrabbas Italian Grill, broke out the Dollar Tree hurricane candles, and had the best dinner we'll never forget! We look forward to dining in Italy when it's safe to reschedule our trip!

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